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involves our 22nd and 24th presidents, grover cleveland. when grover cleveland was a young man there was a controversy because cleveland fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman named maria help and of pennsylvania. she might've been a prostitute. at the least, she was very casual about her relationships. now, cleveland was a bachelor and of course he is running in the 1880s and again in the 1990s so fathering out of wedlock was a big to do at the time. it was such a big to do for other reasons than one was that the republican opponents of cleveland that were james d. blamed the republican nominee in the roof of very brydges preachers, started the campaign that no woman in the country is safe. lock your doors. cleveland is prowling the streets debauching young women. a really aggressive campaign attacking cleveland. so it became a huge story because they wouldn't let it go. one of the things that saves cleveland as it turns out that james g. blaine like to get more affairs in cleveland and his wife miraculously gave her the six months after they got married. blaine was keep
partnered with the cleveland clinic because we live in an area of cleveland that is poor. sometimes i wonder if it is the message or the messenger in terms of how health information is being delivered. i wanted to do something and i said -- when i say i, i have a great staff and a bunch of volunteers. to find great collectors -- lectures. we have topics on gyn, contraception, female sexuality, eating, and with a partner of mine we did a cooking demonstration for an hour and a half. it is a day of lots of fun, hands-on, and when i look at the things i do, i am a surgeon. i think the role i am i am right now, there is more to be done with a mass group of people that one person at a time. this was a large group. i enjoy putting this on with the team and with the cleveland clinic behind me to help finance this and provide the resources to make the date unique and imploring. tavis: you are from cleveland. comedians have had a field day making fun of cleveland and it gets bashed for a lot of different things. it has been the butt of jokes for years but in the center of the city since the cleveland
to see if he can get next sunday to visit the cleveland browns. our lindsay murphy with more on the play that hushed the crowd. >> reporter: the redskins' fourth win in a row now clouded by an injury to their star quarterback robert griffin, iii. he has said all along he would lay his body on the line if he needed to make a play. he did today. with less than two minutes left in the game skins down eight and driving, griffin scrambles, picks up 13 yards before going down. the damage would come on the last hit, his right knee buckled and it looked worse than it was. x-rays and mri results came back negative. he has a sprained knee, but still a scary moment for the skins' star qb. >> i knew as soon as i got screamed like a man, of course, but i knew it hurt really bad, but like i said, it didn't feel like an acl or anything like that. larry and them came on the field. i told them just get me to the sideline and i'm come back in the next play. -- coming back in the next play. >> reporter: it was a gutsy effort that didn't go unnoticed by his teammates. >> when the guy does plays like that,
, you are originally from cleveland, ohio. when did you really start to begin your whole quest for entertaining and performing? >> 25 years ago. i was 9, and, uh, i started in a theater company called kids on broadway, and, uh, my fifth-grade teacher really liked my vibe and helped get me in to the theater company, and from there, i went on working with the cleveland opera, uh, great lakes shakespeare festival, and i was just in all the regional theaters, and in cleveland, i was an announcer for the cleveland rockers. i was a wnba announcer. i just did anything i could. instead of, like, getting a regular job as a teenager, i became a clown. i found a lot of self-fulfillment in that because i was still performing, and little did i know at the time i was really working in a show that i do now by doing clowning work and singing telegrams and the theater work. like, all of that came together in the past four or five years, and i realized that it was all important and i can use all of that. >> did this all start when you were on the east coast in new york city as far as the street
but as usual the skins will savor the win against cleveland for just 24 hours because they have two big divisional opponents left to play. >> enjoy it while we can. we still -- [indiscernible] >> feels good but we still have two tough games ahead of us. first place doesn't really mean anything right now. >> it's a good feeling to have everybody in the division chasing us. >> sunday's game in cleveland was a homecoming for defensive captain london fletcher. he grew up in the area. said the ride from the airport to the team hotel included passing through his old neighborhood. he had plenty of friends and family there to watch his first ever game in cleveland. however, the joy of the victory didn't last long. fletcher said several of his members of his family were harassed after the game. this is video of the incident that was posted on youtube last night. three of his cousins were arrested and his aunt suffered neck injuries. the security workers instigated instead of aided he said. >> we would like to see something being double. i had four family members who were arrested. it's definitel
the browns and broncos. ian eagle along with dan fouts. denver 31, cleveland 12. "60 minutes" will be seen immediately after the game except on the west coast where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. second and 1. knowshon moreno! goes down awkwardly. dreessen and willis, good blocks downfield. dan: he really did go down awkwardly. he wanted to cut back to the inside and did not want to go out of bounds. ian: it's a 19-yard gain. dan: wow, look at that right knee that right ankle there. what a disaster that might have been with willis mcgahee already out. ian: mcgahee on i.r. with a flee injury. moreno, 79 yards on the ground. we asked him about learning from veterans. he not only mentioned mcgahee but mentioned koetter, the foreman colt. ronnie hillman and he drives inside the 25. hit by joe haden. a five-yard pickup. cleveland has used its final time-out. 3:27 to go in the fourth. so the browns will fall to 5-10 on the season. don't forget, "60 minutes" is coming up here on cbs after our telecast except on the west coast where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time
in the nfc east after the big win in cleveland on sunday. a great performance and especially curt cousins. was it enough to earn them another start next week? philadelphia? that and the latest on rg3 straight ahead at 5. gary. >> thank you, scott. >>> well, it looked like all day long it's going rain. is it going -- going to rain? we'll have a complete look at the forecast in just a bit. stay with us. we'll be back.  . >>> a mystery in northeast d.c. after a man in his 50s was found shot to death in fort lincoln park up the hill about 100-yards from thur god marshal elementary school. the police say a woman walking her dog discovered her body after 11:00 this morning. paul wagner joins us live from northeast with the story. paul. >> reporter: laura, many people living out here in fort lincoln view this neighborhood, this area as being very, very safe. in fact, d.c. police chief cathy lanier lives a few blocks from here. just down the street they opened a new costco and so the fact that a man was found shot to death in fort lincoln park just 100 yards from here, troubling
was at home against cleveland. both teams with 3-8 records. the raiders defense has been giving up points at a record pace. weeden finds gordon for the touchdown. it was 13-3 cleveland in the third when oakland finally gets into the end zone, carson palmer to streeter. a 64-yard strike. the lead is down to three. with darren mcfadden still out with an injury, palmer threw 54 times for 351 yards and two two touchdowns but this pass is picked off. the rams went on a drive, richardson scores, 20-17 was the final. the raiders lose their fifth straight. they're now 3-9. >> an emotional win for kansas city today which beat carolina 27-21. the game was played one day after chiefs lineback baker javon belcher shot himself and his girlfriend. >> in golf, grandma -- graeme mcdowell won the world challenge. >> ama: omg, the text message is introducing... a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient
holiday here and a victory. oakland at home against cleveland. both teams came in with 3-8 records. the raiders' defense has been giving up points at a record pace. brandon weeden finds josh gordon for the 44-yard touchdown. it was 13-3 cleveland in the third when ownland gets into the end zone. palmer to streeter, who makes a fantastic grab. the lead is down to three. with darren mcfadden still out with an injury, palmer threw 54 times for 351 yards and two touchdowns but this pass was picked off. the browns went on a long drive. richardson scores a last second touchdown by the raiders made it look closer than it was. 20-17 the final. oakland faces a quick turn-around hosting denver on thursday. >> nowhere to go but up, unfortunately. the good thing is we get to play fast and don't have to think about it. we have to watch film tonight. nothing cures a loss than a win at home on thursday night. >> former stanford star andrew luck continues his impressive rookie season. with no time left he finds avery for the touchdown. the colts beat detroit 5-33. luck's eighth win is the most by
to live somewhere and not apologize for serving instant coffee. what i like about cleveland is they're into everything and boring in other words and people live and move here for many reasons and forward thinking and our forward way of thinking and we fight for what is right and celebrate the victors and have a city standing with us. recent i notice a change and ban nudists to live the life they want. this is one more step to becoming cleveland and normalize our city. at what boft? think about the children. the castro is an adult neighborhood and we do outreach for hiv and std's and have porn bars and bars and in the neighborhood. why would -- all in the name of protecting our children rather than teaching them that the human body and sexuality is not to be ashamed of. this lets them determine what to enforce the law rather than the complaints and many don't file a report. my money however will not go to a business that are oppose the politicians and my vote won't go to politicians that do this. this is truly what is happening. sf businesses and politicians please don't parent
-13 despite bryant going off for 42 tonight. they lose in cleveland! cleveland is lousy, they're a 5-7 team, but the laker, wow! and their coach, mike d'antoni after the game, everybody jumping the lakers right now, and he fires back! >> is it bears something >> no, no -- is it embarrass something >> no. no. i hate it. i'm down. i'm not embarrassed. >> you come here, you have a shootaround this morning. >> you're starting to tick me off. you're saying something that's not factually correct. >> somewhere phil jackson is sitting back smoking a cigar with a big smile on his face. [ laughter ] >> you know what i mean? >> they should a called me! >> exactly. >>> new england is a favorite to handle the 49ers on sunday. bill belichick, tom brady and company tore apart houston last night, 42-14. they have not lost in the month of december at home in 20 starts! that's hay 10-year span. can the 49ers knock off brady come sunday? >> they got probably the best defense in the league, and a great running game with a top receiver like andre johnson. >> anytime you go into their stadium, like they
and control it. we did our thing against cleveland, but with pittsburgh. right now we are 10 -- 1 and 0 vs. cincinnati. >> how about a look to the 2013 season? who and where the ravens will play. w. hen. the nine divisional home games include new england, the jets, green bay, minnesota, and houston. the ravens have an easier gold schedule. they travel to buffalo, miami, chicago, detroit, and denver next season. dates and times announced late april. the wizards to another solid step forward. washington hosting cleveland. what we saw at verizon center -- second quarter. yeah, that's not gonna work. fourth quarter. gee gets it right. in for the slam. a tight game. the wiz taking it one point lead. under 30 seconds to play. tristan thompson. washington falls 87-84. 3 and 223 hqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqhqq will be a lot better than they were earlier. you might wake up tomorrow morning to a rain or snow shower but it will not be like yesterday. it will be windy. dry weather day on friday. perhaps another storm on saturday. that does not look as strong as this one. mostly snow. crack is been a nice snow
include cleveland and philadelphia. i'm ellen braitman with the bloomberg business report. >> 5:22. support pours into newtown, connecticut. a memorial that includes every gift and a letter. don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. will you be more likely to visit a maryland casino now that some are open 24/7? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> we near the two-week mark of the shootings in newtown. >> the residence have a plan for a permanent memorial. >> it is overflowing. they stopped to drop off flowers on the way to visiting family in massachusetts. >> we wanted to pay tribute in this tragic event. >> he is called the sidewalks home. he understands the importance of these memorials. he lost a loved one on 9/11. now they are making preparations with what to do with all the mementos. there will be a future permanent memorial. >> we will turn everything into the soil that is biodegradable. >> a phone message to residents that this will be sacred soil, visi
. something changed at the bye week and they won 4 straits and go to cleveland and there's nogive mes in the league and they have to buckle down. >> and you have to rest him against cleveland so he is ready to go back in. >> they could really use him in the long run and that's he not a bad idea. we saw kirk after the tampa game and eke hold his own. >> kristen live what game battle of the beltway. fans from both teams had plenty to cheer about at times. matt watched in the middle of the both kins and ravens fan matt how did it go? >> reporter: bruce as you know howard county long been a geographic no-man's-land in the washington area and sort of in the baltimore area and neither and the same can be said for this sports bar in laurel where i watched today's big game. >> redskins and ravens. >> reporter: a game that divided friends and family in the washington baltimore area. >> we have him celebrating his first ravens redskins. >> >> reporter: and further divide the customers of a divided sports bar in laurel. the game sports bar on scagsville road is almost exactly equal distance from
equipos de la semana 15. en cleveland, reemplazando al lesionado robert griffin iii, el quarterback novato kirk cousins lanzÓ para 329 yardas y dos touchdowns, para guiar a los redskins de washington a su quinto trinfo al hilo, una victoria de 38-21 sobre los browns de cleveland. cousins conectÓ con leonard hankerson para ambos td, en su primera apertura en la nfl, y los redskins con 8 victorias y 6 derrotas apenas perdieron el paso, pese a la ausencia de su astro griffin, que observÓ el partido desde la banca con un esguince en la rodilla. con este marcador y la derrota de los giants y victoria de dallas, los redskins empatan el primer lugar de la division este de la conferencia nacional con con 8 victorias y 6 derrotas junto a giants y cowboys. a quienes se les esta complicando es al equipo de baltimore, chris harris devolviÓ una intercepcion 98 yardas para touchdown, y los broncos de denver vencieron a los ravens, 34-17, para conseguir su novena victoria consecutiva de la temporada.v peyton manning lanzÓ para 204 yardas y una anotaciÓn en su noveno triunfo consecutivo en co
pushing. >> in 15 seasons in the nfl, red kins linebacker fletcher has never played a game in cleveland brown stadium. that was a big game for him because it's fletcher's hometown. he had 50 friends and family members at the game. the joy of victory didn't last long. several of his family members were involved in a fight after the game. this is youtube video of the incident. four relatives were arrested, another injured. fletcher told the nfl network today the security guards instigated the fight instead of helping. >> a lot of city of cleveland, i'm definitely not happy about, you know, what happened, because it definitely put a damper on my return and what was otherwise a great day for us being able to go in, win a ballgame. >> the wizards hopes for even a decent season were dashed when john wall injured his knee in september. now we're in december and there's no timetable on when he'll return. wall got an injection in his knee and was told he can afternoon up his recovery workout but is no closer to knowing when he can turn to the courts and help his woeful wizards. >> we're out ther
an airport. authorities in cleveland said that a man fatally shot his wife and then fired at the second person before shooting and killing himself. it occurred this morning and that employee parking lot of cleveland hopkins international airport. >> a tsa employee was riding with another tsa employee when her estranged husband followed them into the parking lot, at which time the strange husband rammed the vehicle, got out of the vehicle, fired approximately five shots into the vehicle hitting his wife. the male, the other male that was in the vehicle was able to get out of the vehicle and was chased by the estranged husband who fired several shots at them. and he was not injured. >> the man's wife worked as a security officer of that airport. >>> a woman from this area is struck and killed by a fire truck in kentucky. police say that the 27-year-old from the district was hit in downtown lexington by a fire truck that was not on an emergency call. the fire engine was on their way to a hospital to pick up the crew, but their lights and siren were not activated. tonight, police are review
. steve hayes, senior writer with the "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. jeffrey cleveland senior economist. and doug cote, chief market strategist with ing investment management. i will start with you, sir, doing, sure looks like investors believe we'll get a deal. what do you think? >> i don't think it matters. really what i'm focused on i know what the budget control act of 2011 is. let's call it what it is. it is a loss. why will there be tinkering in the last few days? as a strategist i will not be able to discount what they're doing. i think they just make it worse. i know what i'm getting. they're balanced on increasing taxes. i don't like increasing taxes. i like pro-growth economics but we need to cut spending. right now the law does it. i think go over the cliff. we know exactly what is going on. i'm concerned about a lot more things around the globe, particularly corporate earnings than i am the fiscal cliff. adam: all right. jeffrey cleveland, you're an economist, which is worse, raising taxes doing austerity all at once? what you do i this? >> i think the biggest prob
indiana through michigan. that snow will rotate through cleveland throughout the morning. very dangerous roads in cleveland as the colder air moves in. everything will be freezing. again, we're locked into the rain for the whole morning commute from philadelphia to new york city. it doesn't look like it will clear out until about noon today. so that's the bottom line for the new york city area down to philadelphia, d.c., any time after noon today your travel will be fine. breezy and windy, but not like this morning. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> a shocker on capitol hill last night as house speaker john boehner's plan b backfired. the deadline for the fiscal cliff is approaching faster than santa's sleigh. and speaker boehner's power may be severely damaged as official gop members balk at his pleas. >> reporter: the vote on boehner's plan b was canceled abruptly. >> the house will stand in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> a big embarrassment for the speaker who had hoped to force democrats to follow his lead. >> the senate democrats and white house refused to act. they'll be re
in that situation. i'm sitting there watching, like, it's great he's playing against the cleveland browns. cleveland browns won three in a row and everybody was excited about it. give me rg-iii every day. >> you know what? you and i agree. i said this last week. it was the cleveland browns. not a big deal. it was like an organized scrimmage against a team with a different uniform on. >> okay, it was a big deal. [ laughter ] >> game on the road. >> exactly. >> but the cleveland browns could have got beat by shan tillie high last week. >> i agree with you guys as well. if rg-iii's 100% and he is cleared to play by then, then you got to roll with your guy today, your ferrari. and that's today. >> absolutely. >> kirk cousins did have one start. he got limited opportunities. and he made the most of it. were you impressed, surprised ? >> surprise and impressed. after the first drive, uh-oh, everybody step back. you saw all the facebook posts. kirk cousins, here he comes. >> let's not get carried away. >> then he comes back and does exactly what he's supposed to do against a team that's a little inferior t
's first major storm there. victor blackwell in the thick of it in cleveland this morning. good morning, victor. how is it? >> good morning, soledad. not so thick yet, but thickening. if you come here and speak with a person who is cleveland native, they would look around and say snow? what snow? the ground is wet. just a dusting on the ground. but we have snow blakes blowing sideways, the fact that you can see this horizontal snow, that means there is strong wind. gusts are kicking up and that's the problem. let's talk about the airports, because here in cleveland, we know that there is no major problem, no delays. but in chicago, o'hare, last night, 350 cancelations. we'll get an update at 8:30 eastern on what today will look like. as more than 200,000 passengers are expected to travel through that airport, roads are difficult, a crash on wednesday in iowa, ended with two deaths, seven deaths across four states in this storm causing problems in the midwest, and tornadoes in arkansas and alabama as well. soledad. >> victor blackwell, in the thick of it, i see the flurries behind you. g
. those are live pictures from cleveland. look at those snowflakes. nice and large. we're going to go there live. >> so it was not a good night for speaker boehner or in fiscal cliff negotiations. while you're walking around the christmas tree next week, congress could be up to their ears in talks. >>> and a little bit later here on cnn, profiting after a tragedy. walmart sells out of assault rifles in some of its stores around the country. >>> welcome back. good morning to you. thanks for being with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. it's just raining here, but in a lot of parts around the country, it's just awful. the fury of the first holiday storm is making travel dangerous if not completely impossible in the upper midwest. today new england is expected to get slammed by the same storm. at least seven traffic-related deaths in four states are blamed on this storm. more than a foot of wet, heavy snow fell in parts of iowa and wisconsin. hundreds of flights canceled at the height of the travel season. this is some amazing picture. power lines sparking and
recently spoke to the club of cleveland about health care, insurance and medicare. this is an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> of doctrine and welcome to the city club of cleveland. thank you it shall come the president of city club is. i am delighted to introduce to you today, so when can president effective january 1, ceo of separate ink, and managed health care and insurance provider and administrators serving over 11 million customers in the united states. over the past four years and into the recent election, the issue of health care has been at the center of our nation's great policy debate and implications beyond the health care industry impacting our larger fiscal policy and important social concerns. we are fortunate to have a test today mr. broussard insights on the industry in developing policy. prior to joining humana 2011, mr. broussard, u.s. oncology. large producers and providers of health care products to major health care institutions. that background, mr. brousard brings a broad perspective on health care issues facing our country. mr. broussard holds his underg
a local. here is martin savidge in cleveland. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge. i grew up in cleveland. if you're looking to eat what the clevelanders eat, it doesn't get any more clevelander than here. for more than half a century, sterle's country house. >> live entertainment here thursday, friday and saturdays. >> three words, family, fun, food. >> so, signature dishes? >> i would say the weinershnitzel. >> described as buttery veal, hand pounded with bread crumbs and lightly fried to golden perfection. in the kitchen you see how the magic is made. what have we got coming out of the back there? >> fried shnitzel. >> golden brown, pounded veal, breaded and deep fried. i always tell everybody, the kitchen, lot of love into those to get them done right. >> i got the shnitzel. it's awesome. and the slovenian potatoes that the waitress recommended, highly recommended and the stuffed cabbage, awesome. >> you don't have to be old or even from the old country to enjoy this place. >> i am celebrating my birthday. i got my friends together, decided to do something different and having some fu
for a career high 364 yards and hits gourden for the 44-yard touchdown. cleveland 10-0. raiders fans thought here we go again but just 10-3 at halftime. raiders get good field position. big play. 64 yards. 13-10. heading into the 4th quarter. palmer threw for big yards. two touchdowns and one interception. brown picks this one. palmer through for 54 times. ran 17 times. cleveland drives 94 yards to put it away. richardson rushing in. browns win 20-17. cleveland snaps its 17 game road losing streak. raiders lose 5 straight games. first time since 2007. oakland is 3-9 and host denver thursday night. the nfc west division got tighter. if you think colin kaepernick is promising, then you will love russell wilson. today seahawks rookie quarterback led them on a 97- yard drive. 14-yarder. seattle 17-14. chicago ties it. over time. wilson leads the hawks on another long drive. hits rice. that is in the end zone. give credit for the game winning touchdown catch. seattle 23-17. they are a game and a half back of the 49ers. another rookie quarterback, andrew luck keeps indianapolis in the race. andrew
volunteered in the united states army. build the photographer left for cleveland to find work in a factory that are. towards the end of 1944, june so decided he wants to see if he can get work in new jersey at seabrook farms, which is a thriving enterprise was recruiting japanese-americans. so these can't been followed october 44, has two new jersey to scope the situation now. at that point, sammy is gone, bill is gone, eunice is gone. the only people left are radio and mary and little billy. maria suffers but doctors called a nervous break down. she ends up in the hospital and for the rest britannic camp, and other nearly here at camp, rio is suffering greatly and really unable to work from the barely able to leave the barracks. she's something of an invalid for the rest of this. juno comes back in comes back and finds his wife in the hospital. so he decides not to take the family two new jersey, batiste can't and care for his wife. mary and billy end up leaving to join bill at the factory in cleveland. the only went five to 1945 are rio and juno. they finally leave in september september
get news the other ways. both my in-laws are dead. >> any who. let's move on. she is hot in cleveland. >> they've been dead for a long time. it's not my fault, okay? although frank says i did kill his mother. anyway, that's another story. >>> we love valerie. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] 5 rpm gum. choose your energy. [ clicking ] [ grunting ] [ breathing heavily ] an energizing fruit or relaxing mint flavor. 5 rpm gum. stimulate your senses. 5 rpm gum. i played a round of in the last five hours? then i read a book while teachingyself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album. how you ask? with 5-hour energy. i get hours of energy now -- no crash later. wait to see the next five hours. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ breathes deeply ] awesome. [ male announcer ]
you're going if you drive from new york to cleveland on occasion and you're allowed to go 70 miles an hour in ohio but you might go 85. i'm t saying i do that. along with lots of other data. if your car doesn't have it now, the government is pushing to have the backs boxes installed in new cars in 2014. does this give the government the key to invade in persosonal pvacy we'll turn to more on this lauren fix. the car coach. i'm a studebaker guy. you're a ford shelby person. >> yes. adam: your daughter is named shelby. >> yes, she is. adam: boxes are on 93% of the cars. they're tied into airbag system, right. >> they're tied into seatbelt as well. if you have audi or mercedes you're one of lucky few manufacturers that don't have them. 93% of the cars on the road have that. since the '90s gm started doing it. if you think about why they're even there, why would you even have it? if you had a toyota during the toyota debacle that was information toyota didn't want to share. that is your pernal privacy information. adam: for instance i was alluding to someone who i know may be speeding
of cleveland about health care, insurance, and medicare. this is an hour. >> good afternoon, welcome to the city club of cleveland. i'm president of the city club's burped of directors. i'm delighted to introduce to you the president and effective january 1, ceo, of humana inc, a phenomenonture 100 health care and health insurance provider and administrator serving over 11 million customers in the united states. over the recent election, at the center of the policy debate with implications beyond the health care industry impacting the largest fiscal pom aand larger concerns. fortunate to have with us him here to share insights on the industry and the developing policy. prior to joining humana in 2011, he was an executive, and before that, u.s. oncology, large producers and providers of health care products to to major health care institutions. with that background, he brings to the podium today a broad perspective on health care issues facing the country. he holds the undergraduate degree from texas a&m, and mba from university of houston. we are looking forward to your comments toda
.c. to cleveland. i will miss serving with dennis and wish him the best of luck going forward. congresswoman schmitt, when i got here two years ago, was someone i knew i could turn to. she's been a great leader for her dict and someone who has stepped up when it comes to energy issues in the ohio delegation, specifically on re-enriching uranium. our navy relies on uranium and jean made it a point to fight for a domestic source to power aircraft carriers and submarines. without a reliable source of fuel, the navy wouldn't be able to protect the homeland or fight abroad but not only that, jean has been a voice of fiscal responsibility in her time in congress and i wish her the best going forward. my colleague betty sutton, i want to thank her for her service to ohio and the nation. we had a hard fought and extremely competitive campaign. throughout it, she maintained a level of professionalism and integrity not often seen in american politics. i want to thank her for her service and i wish her the best of work with her future endeavors. last but not least, my friend steve latourette who has be
to be a seller's market special the bay area, las vegas and phoenix best places to buy, cleveland, chicago and philadelphia. >>> mike is ahead with our forecast. >>> tricky forecast coming up. system coming didn't at us is going to develop near us rainfall amounts are going to vary greatly. latest details on how long that will last. i found more than one day of dry weather. >>> update to a recall effort we brought from you 7 on your search the stores that are agreeing to pull -- >>> frightening scene in china a shark tank bursts sending water and the sharks rushing into a mall. >>> sacramento police say fourc] teenagerséaé7]m fairfield, san rafael, antioch livermore the rest of us in the low 50s monterey bay and inland upper 40s to low 50s, definitely brighter today, a lot of sun and dry weather, light rain moves in tomorrow and it turns over to showers saturday when we could have heavier rain friday night into saturday with showers dry pattern sunday, monday and tuesday, three days. here's what is going on, high pressure coming in drying up the system and the flow that's why we are goi
bobcats sacaron las garras ante new orlenas con puntos de gordon. en cleveland el ex jugador polez tuvo faena de 35 puntos ayudando a los nets a un victoria de 103 por cien. >> en los deportes les deseamos una feliz noche. >> continuamos compartiendo las fotos n estas fiestas ya agradecemos a las familias que nos han enviado las fotos en esta temporada de fiestas . para estas celebración el transporte ic
area, las vegas and phoenix best places to buy, cleveland, chicago and philadelphia. >>> mike is ahead with our forecast. >>> tricky forecast coming up. system coming didn't at us is going to develop near us rainfall amounts are going to vary greatly. latest details on how long that will last. i found more than one day of dry weather. >>> update to a recall effort we brought from you 7 on your search the stores that are agreeing to pull -- >>> frightening scene in china a shark tank bursts sending water and the sharks rushing into a mall. >>> sacramento police say fourc] teenagerséaé7]m fairfield, san rafael, antioch livermore the rest of us in the low 50s monterey bay and inland upper 40s to low 50s, definitely brighter today, a lot of sun and dry weather, light rain moves in tomorrow and it turns over to showers saturday when we could have heavier rain friday night into saturday with showers dry pattern sunday, monday and tuesday, three days. here's what is going on, high pressure coming in drying up the system and the flow that's why we are going to have a dry day today. no rain
carter has details -- >> chaos captured on camera at the cleveland browns status as a fight involving the family of washington redskins player london fletcher broke out after the game. you can see several people wearing number 59, his number. speaking out this morning, he said his family was harassed by fans before kickoff. >> my understanding from the moment they got out of their car, they were harassed by browns fans even into the stadium and a 13-year-old cousin was hit in the face prior to the game. >> the redskins linebacker says is and was hospitalized with neck injuries but she did not suffer a heart attack as first reported. the family claims of this started in the stands. >> they were waving at my brother. one of my cousin stood on the chair and the officers said did not stand up. >> this video shows security and covering someone involved. fletcher says four of his relatives were arrested and taken to jail. the family says security at the stadium escalated the situation. >> one of my cousins was leaving. i saw this officer ron and taser huim. they started attacking our family
took over. a game-high 24 for cleveland. 69-61. one week from tonight navy plays arizona. at least it has a message of 4th. the las vegas bowl -- boise state is up on washington. footwork wins the day. five times a hit. 25-23. boise is up. the huskies are driving. jeremy picks the pass. nine straight wins to start the season but this road trip before the holidays has been a bear. a loss to chicago on friday. 6-5 on saturday. still they are in first place. 11 news continues after this. >> the wins will slowly die down throughout the evening. things look good for the ravens game tomorrow. monday night into tuesday, we have a little bit of energy that moves in here. some flurries on christmas day and then another storm right on the back of it. some of the models say rain. some say both. we will have a better idea in the coming days. >> thank you for joining us. see you back here tomorrow and 5:00. >>> good evening from hofstra university in hempstead, new york. i'm candy crowley from cnn state of the union. [ applause ] welcome to the second presidential debate. tonight's debate is a
some good defense in this one...worell clahar the steal...and the ball goes to cleveland melvin for the jam...he had 24....depaul wins it...69-61...they are now 9 and 3. horizon league action... uic loses 82-70 to miami of ohio..the flames 9-3 loyola beats st. peters 53- 49..the ramblers 7 and 4. thad matta and 7th ranked ohio state had 9th ranked kansas in house at columbus...the buckeyes down by one in the first half when lenzelle smith junior nails the flush for the buckeyes... but red shirt freshman ben mcclemore then took over for the jayhawks...after a steal he goes in for the jam...he had 22...and kansas wins it....74- a battle of top ten teams. the bears headed for arizona this afternoon...taking a whole lot of pressure along with them on the flight. it is a must win against the cardinals ... a team that may not be lights out on offense...but is 11th in the nfl on yards allowed. the cardinals won their first 4 this year..then lost 9 in a row before beating the lions last week.. the bears are favored but it means nothing in the nfl...there are few ca
about the sale of playoff tickets while most fans are celebrating yesterday's performance in cleveland. >> last week, we told you about the passing of wjla founder and owner. his funeral was held in houston texas today. a memorial service for mr. albritton be held in the d.c. area in january. our thoughts are with his family. >> no more disaster a coming to maryland. the federal government turned down the state appealed for more help for maryland counties. the only county awarded more help was somerset. official said there was not enough damage. a deal before congress would provide more than $60 billion of aid for victims of hurricane sandy. not everyone is for the legislation. the club for growth is urging senators to vote against the bill. >> and very dramatic day to day. >> with the low clouds and fog. we have a dense fog advisory. let's give you a preview. this is a high school in laurel. you see the fog get lower and lower and right towards sunset, you see the fog level dropped an even more, and that this is the beginning of the story here. visibility has really been messed with.
to wash away the last month from their memory. second quarter, 3-0 cleveland, wheaton with a bomb to gordon. 44-yard score, 10-0 browns. they led 10-3 at the half. late third quarter, 13-3 cleveland, carson palmer pump fake, now in for a 64-yard touchdown. the raiders offense makes a play and oakland is back in it, down 13-10. and fourth quarter, it is still 13-10, the raiders driving and palmer looking for the win but it is picking off by sheldon brown. brown put it away with 3.5 left. richardson up the gut to make it 0-10. the raiders did score late, too little too late, 20-17 is the final. >> we can't turn the ball over right there. we have all of the momentum and we are moving the ball and we can't -- we can't have that self-inflicted wound right there. if it is not there, we have to get rid of it. but we can't make that mistake. >> we took a shot there and go for a touchdown quickly and didn't put the ball in the right spot. didn't give him a chance to make a play on the ball. >>> david schaub, stanford, on game day tonight at 11:30. >> we'll see you in half an hour on eyewit
are extremely poor from milwaukee to chicago to cleveland. visibility a quarter mile or less now. expect major airport delays around chicago o'hare and also cleveland early today. just enjoy this warm weather. it will last probably about two or three more days. but even then, veronica, it doesn't look like a big real cold snap, just maybe returning back to normal. >> i'm liking it. >> yes. you like it. the ski resorts are bapging their heads, though. >> thanks, bill. >>> a number of bizarre topics at bradley manning's wikileaks hearings. details ahead. >>> one little girl gets the shock of a lifetime at seaworld. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! those fun little biscuits. [ male announcer ] we began serving handcrafted coffees in seattle, and people seemed to like it. so we w
cleveland to nashville, new orleans and houston. moving east, later on, to atlanta, pittsburgh, and other areas. that western storm we mentioned earlier, also dumps up to a foot of snow in the cascades, sierra nevada and northern rockies. >> 50s from seattle to billings and much of the midwest. just 24 in fargo. 38 in the twin cities. and 70s across the south. >>> and when we come back this morning, something to make tax time even worse. a new warning about the irs and identity theft. >>> and then, it is back to work for mitt romney. and he's returning to a familiar gig. >>> and well, if you got 55 cents, you can score one of america's favorite fast food sandwiches. but you better act quick. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you nee
conditions on the day after christmas, often a busy travel day. enough of a threat for some in cleveland to stock up on supplies. >> ready to go. >> i decided to get what we needed and go home. >> reporter: the storms are blamed for at least three deaths in texas, louisiana and oklahoma. live in new york, wendy gillette, abc news. muhammad and brandi, back to you. >> thanks, wendy. >>> here's a look ahead at the nation's weather. winter watches and warnings are in effect for almost half of the country. the northeast could see a rain/snow mix for the evening commute before it turns all winter rain. wet from san francisco all the way to seattle. >> it is extremely cold in the middle of the nation. dallas is 38 degrees instead of the usual 55. minneapolis doesn't even get out of the teens. in the meantime, honolulu and miami, you're in the 80s. but there could be rain in both of those cities. chicago, detroit and indianapolis are in the 30s. >>> to our other top story this morning. president obama is cutting his vacation short and heading back to the white house. >> he's hoping to make a la
. woodrow wilson b. grover cleveland c. james madison the answer still to come this midday! [ female announcer ] over every holiday season your mouth has been sipping, snacking, yellowing. nutcracking, gift stacking yellowing. mistletoe'ing, ho ho ho'ing yellowing. and every holiday season, your teeth have been yellowing. fact is if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over 10 years of stains, and whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest. life opens up when you do. in a hurry? try 2 hour express whitestrips just in time for a white holiday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. time for sports. kirk hinrich returned from a knee injury in memphis, but both teams struggled to get going on offense. bulls looking for a fifth straight road win. memphis leads in the fourth when the bulls steal it, and jimmy butler cuts the deficit to fiv
of the redskins players were arrested after the game with cleveland yesterday. >> an >> police are investigating what happened to a man found dead in a park next to a d.c. school. at the body was found in northeast washington. natasha barrett is live to explain why police believe this man was killed. >> police say this man's body has no relationship to the school right next to it. and the principle of this elementary schools sent a letter home to -- principal of this elementary school sent a letter home to parents. children will remain inside while this investigation goes on this week. the woman walking her dog found a man's body in fort lincoln park and called 911. >> you know. i wanted to see what was going on behind me. >> the part is right beside thurgood marshall elementary school in northeast d.c. all students were inside the school when the discovery was made. another woman who walks by said she was there yesterday and saw nothing. investigators say that the man had to be killed some time yesterday afternoon -- between yesterday afternoon and this morning. >> there was a street sign. >>
a group of his relatives were arrested at yesterday's game in cleveland. this youtube video appears to show the fight that led to the arrest. on the nfl network this morning, fletcher says, browns' fans were harassing his family from the moment they got out of their car. he says the security guard assaulted one of his relatives, instead of diffusing the situation. the browns are, browns' organization is investigating that incident. >> a man from guatemala was busted for frying to hide cocaine in jars of stew. agents made the discovery this weekend. inspectors became suspicious. 2 pound of cocaine were found hidden in the lining of the jars. the man was detained but not charged. customs agents say he will probably be deported. >>> d.c. officials are coming up with plan b following the demise of the controversial red top meeter program. that program was designed to preserve 10% of the city's metered spots for people with disabilities. it would have forced them to pay for parking for the first time. the city has spent more than $700,000 on the new meters. but a bill on that program fai
and maryland. take a look here. this was the scene in cleveland, ohio, as the storm raced through yesterday. more than 90 million people on the move this holiday, a major winter storm has been making highways treacherous across the midwest. now the day before, the blizzard left nine inches of snow in places like omaha, nebraska, and more than a foot in some areas farther north. victor blackwell is braving the cold this morning at a toll booth near cleveland. victor, it was pretty dicey there yesterday. how are things looking at that toll booth now, how do the highways look? >> reporter: oh, comfy cozy, nice and warm here with a windchill of 19 degrees. things are fine at the toll booth. roads are looking great in the midwest, the great lakes states, we're actually getting good news about the roads. not too many problems. you know, 93 million or more people will travel more than 50 miles this holiday season. most of those people, 90%, will be driving. that's good news. but there are starting to be problems at the airports. we've got some of the airport problems to put up on the screen for yo
when he traveled to cleveland to visit one of our 100 places where the locals eat. >> reporter: i'm martin savidge, and i grew up in cleveland. trust me, if you're looking to eat where the clevelander eat, it doesn't get any more clevelander than here. for more than half a century, sturley's country house has been a landmark in cleveland's slovenian community. >> we always have live entertainment here thursday, friday, and saturdays. >> reporter: three words -- family, fun, food. so signature dishes. >> i would say the wiener schnitzel. >> reporter: the classic, described on the menu as buttery veal hand pounded with bread crumbs and lightly fried to golden perfection. in the kitchen, you see how the magic is made. what have we got coming out of the back? >> she's got the fried schnitzel for the dinner. >> reporter: beautiful. look at that. golden brown. >> golden brown. pounded veal. breaded and deep fried. they're really good. and i always tell everybody, like i said in the kitchen, a lot of love into those to get them done right. >> the wiener schnitzel. >> i got the schity nit
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